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About St. Thomas Developments Inc.

This developer works closely with St. Thomas Developments and Lee Development, collectively they call themselves The Group. They are a proud Canadian real estate collaborative, and they have been working in the Greater Toronto Area since 1988. They have successfully spread their influence beyond our nation’s borders to become an influential international presence. They recognize that Toronto is their homebase, however, and are continuing to define the Toronto skyline as well as the very nature of the condominium market itself.

The Group has created a multitude of developments throughout the world that spans the entire real estate market. They’ve created residential, hotel, and commercial buildings, and have also built eight residential condominium projects throughout the GTA.

The Group has spread its influence across oceans and has developed multiple projects throughout the world. One area of particular interest is Hong Kong as they have created some stunning structures in that region. The crown jewel in Hong Kong is their luxury residential development at 110 Repulse Bay. This development has brought resort type living to the Hong Kong region and provided water front property so residents can enjoy a landscape where the ocean meets the iconic green hills of the island of Hong Kong.

Their most exciting project on the go is their 7 St. Thomas project in the Bloor and Yorkville region of Toronto. This building obviously carries the name of their developer, so you know that they’re taking this project seriously.

It blends the existing Victorian era mansion on the property with modern architecture that was designed by Hariri Pontarini Architects who have been heavily adorned with awards from the real estate and architecture community. They have been honored throughout the world and their accolades come from such prestigious institutions as the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada, Bahá’í Temple of South America, Chicago Athenaeum, and the Richard Ivey Building/Richard Ivey School of Business.

Their appointment of one of the most preeminent architects in Canada makes it clear that The Group places priority in magnificent building design, and it shows. The building takes the facade of the existing Victorian home and adds a shimmering glass and steel structure on top of it.

This development is also changing the culture of condos in Toronto, as it is offering space for office condominiums. This developer’s experience in the international market has shown them that this phenomenon is popular throughout Asia and Europe, but hasn’t quite caught on in Toronto, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t space for it. They recognize that it is a niche market, but customers praise it as the obvious next step in the market. With office rentals, you’re simply paying rent on your unit, which obviously means that you’re not investing in your own value. With office condos you’re investing into your own equity, which will bolster your company’s value.

This developer has already designed some of the highest quality structures throughout the GTA, and now they’re taking ideas they’ve learned from the international market and applying them to Canada. They are sure to continue to build on Toronto’s skyline, as well as the very nature of the real estate market itself.

Developments by St. Thomas Developments Inc.

88 East Condos

Located in Toronto

Builder: St. Thomas Developments Inc.

88 West Condos

Located in Toronto

Builder: St. Thomas Developments Inc.

88 Queen Condos

Located in Toronto

Builder: St. Thomas Developments Inc.